Oz sends

Australian Bouldering reports: After 3 days of work, Richard “Sticky” Dale (NZ) recently repeated James Scarborough´s Myology 8A+ (8B according to Scarborough) at XXXX in the Blue Mountains without commenting on the grade. Matt Wrigley grabbed the 2nd ascent of Agent Orange 8A+ at Fox Cave confirming the grade.Matt did it both with and without the glued hole/hold that was added some time back to fill up a small seeping hole. Further to Matt´s recent impressive sends of Dead Can´t Dance 8A+ and Re-detonated The Roof Mix 8A he also managed to repeat in the Grampians; X-treme Cool 7C, Extended World 7C/C+, Snooky Badlands 7C+, Butthole Surfer 7C/C+, and in Sydney; The Vineyard 8A, American Siege 7C/C+ and Woolly Jumper 7C/C+ (2nd ascent).