Results: UK´s First Dry Tooling Comp

The planetFear team of Chris Cubitt, Matt Spenecely and Andrey Kosenko convincingly won the UK?s first Dry Tooling Competition held at the Glasgow Climbing Centre on Saturday the 8th March. To avoid damage to the wall, the bolt-on-holds, used for the competition were mounted on carpet tiles, whilst the competitors were only allowed to hook their way up the wall. In the morning there was an open event for the general public, with 9 teams of three competing on boulder and top rope problems.The top three teams, from the mornings competition being allowed to compete in the afternoon against the pro-teams. The pro team event was less well attended with only planetFear and Mountain Equipment sending teams. Suprising, seeing as there was £400 prize money up for grabs! The mountain Equipment Team, consisting of Dave McCloud, John Dunne and someone else (apologise for forgetting your name!) put in a strong performance but weren´t really in the same league as the planetFear boys with Chris Cubitt and Matt Spenecely flashing almost every problem. In the closing minutes of the competition Chris Cubitt pulled out all the stops, including some wild moves, to climb the final top rope problem on the main wall, which was set by Tim Emmett and rumoured to be in the region of M10.