40 European companies join their efforts to protect the environment

40 European companies are now members of 1% For The Planet club

One Percent1% For The Planet (1%FTP or 1%) is a network of businesses committed to leveraging their resources to create a healthier planet. Members recognize their responsibility to and dependence on a healthy environment and donate at least 1% of their annual turnover to environmental organizations worldwide. Members display the 1% logo on their products and marketing material and 1%FTP certifies that the companies give 1% every year.

Worldwide, member companies range in size from USD $250 MM in sales to small sole proprietorships. They are united by their common wish to use their businesses as a tool to affect change. According to the Executive Director of 1%, Terry Kellogg, “the mission of 1% For The Planet is to use market forces to drive positive environmental change by inspiring companies to give back. Our program enables consumers to recognize companies that are committed to doing the right thing. We want to make it easy for consumers to support companies that share their values.”

Since the end of December 2004, membership in 1% club has grown by more than 400% from 76 companies to now nearly 400 members around the world. Most of these companies are located in North America but a growing number are in Europe as well. Of the current 40, 24 are based in the UK, 3 in Germany, 6 in France. Current members represent a huge diversity of industries and include the well-known U.S. singer/songwriter Jack Johnson, the UK-based Kendal Mountain Film Festival, the French winemaker Henri Bourlon and the German engineering firm Buchting and Streit. The total amount of grants given by companies, members of this club, is today over 10 million USD.

This club was co-founded in 2001 by Yvon Chouinard, founder and owner of Patagonia. He wanted to encourage other companies to give 1% of sales to environmental protection, as he has been doing for more than 20 years with his company. Since 1985, Patagonia has distributed more than 25 million USD to grassroots organisations; around $2.5 Million is currently being distributed each year. In Europe, about 40 grants were given last year to European organisations.

“Every time I've done the right thing for the environment I've made a profit.” Says Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia, Inc.(USA).

“We are really happy to be working with the 1% FOR THE PLANET program and I encourage others to do the same. I feel that 1% should be the minimum that any company gives back.” Jack Johnson, musician & filmmaker (HAWAII).

“I believe we need to develop a sustainable life style and look after the planet that provides us with what we need to survive.” Says David Webster, manager and founder of Cognite.net productions (website development).(UK)

Joining the 1% FOR THE PLANET business alliance increases visibility in a crowded marketplace. It identifies environmentally committed companies to each other, and creates opportunities for collective marketing and information sharing.


    Etik&O (in-door fountains)
    Nautilus (magazine)
    UBAC (Consulting)
    Vignobles Henri Bourlon (Wine)
    Le hérisson Bavard (PR and events agency)
    Mana Tahitian Pearls (based in Tahiti)


    Büchting + Streit (engineering)
    kripu.com (media agency)
    C & P Treuhand- und Beratungsgesellschaft mbH WPG
    Tour Central (travel)
    Eidos (consulting)
    Rebel Media Creators (Publishing)
    Nordisk Fiskeutstyr (Fly fishing shop)
    Skim Sea Kayaks (Kayak manufacturer)
    H2O Patagonia

United Kingdom

    22over7 (music)
    Alf Alderson (freelance journalist)
    Camel Audio (electronics)
    Career Break Cafe (community)
    Finisterre (technical apparel for surfers)
    Healthlines (natural products)
    Kendal Mountain Film Festival
    Loose-Fit Surfboards
    Mike Reed (freelance writer)
    Where Wise Men Fish – Riversdale Financial services (Fly fishing travel agency)
    Wasted Opportunities (organic and fair trade goods)
    TYF group (travel and outdoor equipment)
    People Business Results (coaching)
    Revelation Media Ltd.(websites)
    La Chika – Tucagua (clothing and jewelry)
    YHC Holdings – First impressions last longer (Environmentally friendly print supplies)
    Pura Vida Fruit Bar (Fruits/salads on a Bournemouth beach)
    Bolivian Mountains (El Alto) (climbing and trekking guides)
    Cognite.net Productions (web development)
    Expedition Guides (climbing and trekking guides)
    Surf-Lines (outdoor shop)
    Las mantas (accessories from Peru)
    Julian Calverley Limited (photographer)
    Mountaingirl Ltd. (Guiding instruction for women)

June 30th, 2006

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