Einladung zum “PETROHRADSKÉ PADÁNÍ 2016” in der Tschechischen Republik

Petrohradske padani - is it a competition or just an opportunity to meet people of the same kind? We would like each participant to answer this question on his/her own. If the unique spirit of this event comes from every attending climber - not just from our minds - we couldn't be more happy.


Petrohradske padani 2016
Petrohradske padani 2016

Friday 15.04.2016
12.00 all contests begin (check-in on site from 12.00 AM till 7.00 PM, the place called “Sklárna”)

Main Competition, OCÚN The Collector, PATAGONIA High ball Contest, see the “Rules” for more info.
All those competitions take place on the boulders approx. 2 – 2,5 km of walking distance from the check-in site.

Starting 3.00 PM you can use the accomodation capacity in the rooms

8.00 PM – 11.00 PM the official ZLAGBOARD CONTEST (at the check-in site, inside “Sklárna” area)

Saturday 16.04.2016
8.30 AM – 12.00 AM check-in for the contests still possible.
7.00 PM all contests finish
7.00 PM – 00.00 AM Prize giving ceremony, live music (Fanka, Wanmensonk), raffle, climbing photos slideshow
00.00 AM – ??? campfire jamming till sunrise

Sunday 17.04.2016
No contests take place
till 10.00 AM cleaning and leaving the rooms
till Sunday afternoon leaving the area (vehicles, tents)

Video: Invitation to Petrohradské padání 2016

As every year, accomodation is possible in the rooms of the youth recreational area “Sklárna” . Use of own vehicles/ RVs / tents possible as well. Sleeping in the classrooms possible as well.

Catering secured for the whole duration of the event. Details to be added closely before the start of the event on FB pages and www.padani.eu

Before the event:
Around one month before the event, the registration and accomodation booking are activated, everything on the website www.padani.eu

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