Sunseeker, 8B FA protected by snow

Nalle Hukkataival has opened Sunseeker, 8B in Mt. Evans. It is a 20 mover into a horryfing mantle, “when the snow melts it will most likely be a death landing.””I dare to claim that it is one of the best problems in Colorado.” Nalle is #1 in the 8a world ranking. In 2005, he was #5 in the world champion and in 2007, he got the silver in the European Championship.Full story on Nalles blog Picture by Jon Cardwell. (It would be interesting how snow could in fact effect British E-grades?)Carlo Traversi has made the first repeat of Sunseeker, “Could be one of the best boulder problems in the world. Tall, Proud, Pure, Technical, Powerful, and Balancy.”