The French have Landed!

I have just come in from the Stanage Plantation where the Petzl Roc Trip crew had their first taste of Gritstone. Having arrived in the country at midday, sorted out car hire, grabbed a bite to eat and then driven to their digs, it was 5.45 by the time they hit the crag, but conditions could not have been more perfect. In the fading glow of a classic Stanage sunset the friction was biting and the mood electric as Tony Lamich first onsighted Big Air (E6 6b), before dispathcing Brad Pit (Font 7c+ / 8a) first go! No more than 2 minutes later into the pit walked Loic Gaidoiz who also onsighted it, in a gritty style that saw him rotate nearly 360 degrees, footless, on the finish hold. The pair also climbed The Storm (Font 7c?). To find out where they will be tomorrow, and each day this week, check out the forum on planetFear and