Tragedy on Mt Elbrus

An attempt on the highest peak in Europe has led to one of the biggest Mountain tragedies in recent years. A team of 8 Russians and 4 Ukranians had set out to summit Mt Elbrus (18,506 ft / 5,642m)  to celebrate Victory Day, the May 9th anniversary of victory over Nazi Germany in WWII. Due to appalling weather conditions and temperatures down to -50°C, communication was lost between the team and basecamp as they made their push for the summit.A rescue mission was launched by helicopter and foot with one summit team climber mananging to reach rescurers as they searched the mountain. On Thursday, May 11th, the rescue team reported finding the bodies of 7 of the missing 11 climbers in and around snow caves below the western summit of Mt Elbrus. The 4 remaining climbers remain unaccounted for but the worst is now presumed. Mt Elbrus is an extinct Volcano in the central Caucasus Range and is regarded as one of the technically easiest of the ´Seven Summits´ to climb. Its remoteness and severe weather conditions though make it a particularly hazardous Mountain.  Source: and Independent Online