UKC is Expanding: New Staff and New Developments

Nick Smith, our chief code master, has been busy. Things have been happening on his screen that we don't really understand, but the first phase is now complete which you can see if you go to our magnificent new home page.The page features a beautiful montage graphic which features on our latest news stories and articles – just roll-over the little images to see more about the stories, or sit back and watch the show. We also have a new 'Start Here' section which assesses who you are and presents you with links useful to you depending on how long you have been registered on UKC, and how much you have done with your profile, logbook and photo gallery. The rest of the page links in to all the other sections of the site and also features our latest video …… which brings me to our new Video section….Videos at UKClimbingWe have built a Videos area on the site, similar to the Photos area. Currently this area features videos that have been shown on over the last 12 months or so. The page allows you to browse and use older videos in a series of categories. We will be adding a user upload facility to this over the next month or so with user voting. It will be able to display videos from third party sites like like YouTube and Vimeo.Staff ChangesAt the same time we have taken on some new staff members to increase content on the site. Our previous part-time Gear Editor Kevin Avery has stepped down from his role to concentrate more on his other profession as a teacher. Kevin will still be testing gear for UKC and has recently written this excellent sleeping bag review: Pinnacle Sleeping Bag.New staff are Sarah Stirling (Gear), Mark Glaister (Destinations) and Stephen Horne (Rockfax). You can read a little bit about each of them and what they will be doing for UKC and Rockfax in the info box below.

Sarah Stirling, 28, is an experienced outdoor writer and keen climber. She joins the UKC team as Assistant Editor and will be focussing mainly on the Gear pages of the website.She is an English Literature and Language graduate (first class honours) and has authored several books. Her work has appeared in many outdoor and travel publications.You can read more about Sarah on her own site:
Sarah Stirling in Pembroke
Mark Glaister, old enough to know better, has long been a member of the Rockfax team. He has authored many books including Dorset, Mallorca and Costa Daurada. He is taking on extra responsibilities as UKC Assistant Editor concentrating on the Destination Articles for the website.Mark is a well travelled climber and his destination work has appeared in many climbing magazines the world over. You can read a little more about Mark on the Rockfax Website.
Mark Glaister in Mallorca
Stephen Horne, 29, has joined the team in the role of Rockfax Assistant Editor. Stephen's background in computer design, alongside his extensive global climbing CV mean he has a great deal to offer the company in terms of both technical knowledge and climbing expertise.His role will be mainly working on Rockfax guidebooks – layout, editing and design.He enjoys all aspects of climbing, but after a few years spent working at Entreprise Europe in Grenoble, France, he has welcomed his return to the Peak District as his heart lies with British trad.
Stephen Horne in Pembroke

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