What´s in a ´route´ name? Raisin Frumpsnoot!

by Mick Ryan Raisin Frumpsnoot Climbers enjoy naming routes. Sometimes they name them after a song or a book, sometimes a distinctive single word name that can end up as climbing product, Ben Moon´s boulder problem, Cypher at Slipstones comes to mind, which is now also the name ofBen Moon´s best-selling climbing pant. Ben Moon has some other route names that have special significance, including, Agincourt and the Maginot Line. Hopefully we are all familar with why Arthur Dolphin´s named his Gimmer crag classic Kipling Groove. Dolphin reputedly spent almost as much time devising a suitable name for a climb as he had spent climbing it. Sometimes political, sometimes a pun, sometimes biblical, sometimes Tolkienesque, often musical, sometimes obscene. Sometimes they are quite clever, and a little odd. Raisin Frumpsnoot is the name of a new route climbed recently by Adam Wainwright at the Bus Stop Quarry near Llanberis, a 7b sport climb. Any idea where it came from? Apparantly it has something to do with the fourth wheel of a supermarket trolley which looks identical to the other three but renders the trolley completely uncontrollable and a word used to describe the right of the lord of the manor to molest dwarves on their birthdays. What are your favourite route names and do you know their history?