[VIDEO] Bouldering In Swaziland: Nalle Hukkataival And Jimmy Webb’s African Adventure (Part 1)

South Africa is renowned the world over for its incredible sandstone bouldering and while the country's popularity amongst climbers has increased rapidly over the last decade, its neighbour Swaziland has remained untouched by the bouldering boom.

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In the Summer of 2014, Nalle Hukkataival and Jimmy Webb set out to change that when they mounted an expedition to explore the bouldering potential of this tiny African kingdom. Things did not start out particularly well and the first days of their trip were marked by a distinct lack of quality climbing.

After daring to explore a little further however, the guys soon discovered a veritable cornucopia of incredible boulders hidden amongst the brush of Swaziland’s rural foothills.

Content that they had found enough boulders to put Swaziland firmly on the map, Nalle and Jimmy set to work establishing some of Swaziland’s first problems, unable to imagine that this was just the beginning.