[VIDEO] Ines Papert: Reflection

After years of dominating the competition circuit, Ines Papert now dedicates her time to exploring new locations and putting up first ascents of cutting-edge ice and mixed climbs all over the world.

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“Climbing is the best way to focus on only one thing,” Black Diamond Athlete Ines Papert says of the sport that is her profession. A world-class athlete and four-time World Champion in the Ice Climbing Difficulty competition, Ines says that her success in sanctioned competitions was “a good start.”

In 2003, with her ascent of Mission Impossible, she became the first woman to climb M11. And after years of competitions, Ines now focuses her attention on exploring new locations and establishing hard ice and mixed routes. For her, style is everything. “Small teams, climbing light and fast…. That makes sense to me. As long as the rock offers possibilities to protect yourself.”

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