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[VIDEO] Swissway to Heaven – Full movie

Switzerland is a true paradise for multi-pitch climbing, as well as the country where Cedric Lachat was born and raised. Through his unique sense of humor and unbridled enthusiasm, experience the beauty and awe of five iconic peaks and mountain ranges: the Eiger, Gastlosen, Wendenstöcke, Lauterbrunnen, and Rätikon.

Swissway to Heaven - Full movie (c) Petzl Sport

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In addition to footage of hard climbing (8a and up), the first ascensionists talk about the changes in gear and climbing over time, from traditional mountaineering to modern sport climbing.

Directed by Guillaume Broust

Featuring: Cédric Lachat and Nina Caprez, Fabien Dugit, Tobias Suter, Mélissa Le Névé, Roger Schaeli, Beat Kammerlander, Claude Remy and Stephan Siegrist.

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