[VIDEO] The Dark Forest: Squamish Bouldering

Three friends going on a three week trip in the magical forest of Squamish. Unfortunately, they had to leave after two weeks because of massive rainfalls; they still had a lot of fun and did send a few lines, sadly leaving others behind.

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In a short trip like this, you go through many emotions in a short timeframe. Robin fell a the end of his summer project the day before leaving. On his last day, he couldn’t do the first move of a 35 move problem.

Gab got excited over quick sends at the beginning, only to realize he would have to project the harder lines. JB got agonizingly close to do `The Egg`, but we had to go early.

I fell at the end of ‘The Reckoning’, and didn’t have time to go back. It was amazing.

Something Wicked this Way Come (V12)
The Weasel (V8/9)
The Reckoning (V10)
Phantom Power (V8)
Is It Pure? (V2)
The Fuzz (V7)
Autobody (V8)
The Egg (V11)

Filmed on Panasonic GH4, with Lumix 25mm 1.4.

You can find the music credits at the end. The poem I used is ‘Roll the Dice’ by Charles Bukowski (read by Tom O’Bedlam). Enjoy!

QuelleMathieu Elie (Vimeo User)