[VIDEO] What these climbers found in Kentucky was not Fried Chicken… (Lost in North America, Ep. 10)

Kentucky is home to more than just fried chicken "apparently" - it boasts an incredible climbing scene, with Red River Gorges galore...ies and climbing routes ABOUND. The last episode of the Lost in North America climbing series is, sadly, here.

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The trip is over but not before they go out with some good ol’ fashioned southern pump! Where does one go to get a whuppin’ on the ol’ rope slinging?

Red River Gorge is the place if your into gettin’ pumped off ya tractor! The temps while the crew were there were colder than a well diggers fanny!

Here are 3 hunkey dorey routes that are some of the best in the gorge. Sit back, crack open a “Bud Wiser” and let this last episode get ya panties all up in der! Yeeehaaaa!

Climbing route names are

  • Black Gold 8a+/13c
  • Elephant man 8a/13b
  • Kaleidoscope 8a+/13c (flash)