Jimmy Webb: The Road to 'Dreamcatcher' (9a/5.14d) (c) mellow

[VIDEO] Jimmy Webb: The road to „Dreamcatcher“ (9a/5.14d)

In the summer of 2018, during a three-month road trip, Jimmy Webb made a spontaneous decision to try "Dreamcatcher", the iconic Chris Sharma route in Squamish, British Columbia.
BD Athlete Hazel Findlay on 'Tainted Love' (5.13d) (c) Black Diamond Equipment

[VIDEO] BD Athlete Hazel Findlay on „Tainted Love“ (5.13d)

BD Athlete Hazel Findlay is known for her rad trad ability, whether she’s freeing El Cap or climbing crumbly sea-cliffs with sparse protection. When she arrived in Squamish last summer, a friend and fellow Brit knew just the route she should try.
Alex Megos on One Day Ascent of Dreamcatcher (5.14d) in Squamish, BC (c) Tim Schaufele

[VIDEO] Alex Megos on One Day Ascent of Dreamcatcher (5.14d) in Squamish, BC

Uncut (and unruly!) footage of Alex Megos sending Dreamcatcher (5.14d) in a day! Squamish, BC. Chris Sharma made the first ascent of the route back in 2005.
The Dark Forest: Squamish Bouldering (c) Mathieu Elie

[VIDEO] The Dark Forest: Squamish Bouldering

Three friends going on a three week trip in the magical forest of Squamish. Unfortunately, they had to leave after two weeks because of massive rainfalls; they still had a lot of fun and did send a few lines, sadly leaving others behind.
Through Hell & HIGH-Water, Bouldering Squamish BC (Lost in North America, Ep. 3)

[VIDEO] Through Hell & HIGH-Water, Bouldering Squamish BC (Lost in North America, Ep. 3)

Neither rain, lightening nor a leaky camper-van is going to stop the Lost crew from finding the best bouldering problems in Squamish, BC. Or at least the overhung, less wet ones... The Lost crew drive to British Columbia and find themselves amongst old growth Evergreen trees and huge granite blocks to climb.
Adam Ondra attempting "Dreamcatcher" (9a) (c) Tim Schaufele

[VIDEO] Adam Ondra on „Dreamcatcher“ (5.14d)

On February 16th, 2015 while visiting Squamish, BC, Adam Ondra attempted "Dreamcatcher" (5.14d) despite wet conditions. Adam tried to flash the route, but it didn't work out. He fell in the third boulder in the finger slots due to grabbing the wrong part of the crack, but also states in an interview that he would definitely have fallen off the very top.
Alex Honnold's Birthday Challenge Outtakes (c) The RV Project

[VIDEO] Alex Honnold’s Birthday Challenge Outtakes

There was the EpicTV version and now we present the RV Project version of what was, for all involved, a very fun day. Well, Alex probably enjoyed some of it anyway. The rest of us had a blast.
Alex Honnold solos a year's worth of climbing in 16 hours (c) EpicTV

[VIDEO] Alex Honnold solos a year’s worth of climbing in 16 hours

Squamish, BC. World-famous climber Alex Honnold celebrates his 29th birthday by doing the thing he loves most: climbing. Most climbers would settle for a numerically appropriate 29 routes to celebrate their 29th birthday, but not Alex.
[VIDEO] Jimmy Webb on the road Pt. I Squamish

[VIDEO] Jimmy Webb on the road Pt. I Squamish, BC

So for the next 5 months kasia, Oreo, and I are on the road! We're traveling around in a suited out van courtesy of 5.10. Right now we've set up shop here in Squamish, BC Canada. This video will be the first of two installments we will be creating for the area. Be on the look out for Pt. II in the coming weeks!!
[VIDEO] Wide Boyz II - Slender Gentleman (Trailer)

[VIDEO] Wide Boyz II – Slender Gentleman (Trailer)

After their success climbing the world's hardest offwidth, the Wide Boyz, Pete Whittaker and Tom Randall, embark on their next crack climbing mission. This time their sights are set on the thinner end of the crack climbing spectrum. Their goal is the mighty Cobra Crack in Squamish BC, considered to be the hardest finger crack in the world. First climbed by Canadian 'rock star' Sonnie Trotter after battling it out with Didier Berthod, the route hit the media spotlight in the film First Ascent.
[VIDEO] Jesse Huey in "The Shadow" (5.13)

[VIDEO] Jesse Huey in „The Shadow“ (5.13)

Dieses Video zeigt Jesse Huey bei seinem epischen Kampf mit einer Route, die einem wirklich alles abverlangt. Es handelt sich um "The Shadow" am Stawamus Chief in Squamish, die bereits 1988 von der Kletterlegende Peter Croft erstbegangen wurde - On Sight (!). Seitdem gab es wohl nur eine Handvoll von Wiederholungen. Der erste Versuch von Jesse dauerte satte 40 Minuten - sein erfolgreicher Durchstieg geschlagene 45 Minuten. Wie gesagt - episch!


Gietl und Messini klettern neue Mixed-Linie durch Pordoi Westwand (c) Archiv Gietl

Gietl und Messini klettern neue Mixed-Linie durch Pordoi Westwand

Profi-Kletterer und Salewa-Athleten Simon Gietl und Vittorio Messini konnten die Route "Pandora" an der steilen Pordoi Westwand an zwei Tagen durchsteigen – sie erreichten den Ausstieg des Eisfalls am 17. Dezember 2019.


SPOC Umlenkrolle mit integrierter Rücklaufsperre (c) EDELRID

Produktvorstellung: SPOC Umlenkrolle von EDELRID

Leicht, kompakt und vielseitig: die Umlenkrolle von EDELRID mit integrierter Rücklaufsperre.


On Top Klettern

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Die Firma On Top Klettern GmbH gehört zu den Pionieren im Kletterwandbau in Europa. Seit über 20 Jahren entwickelt und fertigt die Firma spezielle Kletterwände, Boulderwände, Klettertürme und Klettergriffe für Freizeit, Sport, Spiel & Therapie.