On Saturday we held the first of our Youth Performance Coaching Days. Young climbers from as far afield as Cornwall and Scotland met at the Edge Climbing Centre in Sheffield for a series of Masterclasses by our ´in-house´ trainer, Neil Gresham. Covering warming up, power training, steep climbing techniques, and ending up in the leading hall (where 13 year old Leah Crane onsighted her first f7a – easily). It was hoped to get out the Stanage plantation in the afternoon, but weather was not inviting. The day wrapped up with a BBQ at planetFear HQ (also known as the home of John and Anne Arran´s – who helped enormously during the day). Neil demonstrating one of the techniques covered during the day We all had a great, if exhausting, time and look forward to the next one! Here´s what some of the attendants had to say: „It was a great day and I learnt loads, even some very basic stuff!“ „We really appreciate the effort you all went to to provide the kids with a really valuable day.“ „She was nattering away to me about all that she had done and learnt during the day until 1:00 am Sunday morning when tiredness finally overcame her!“ More Photos Explaining more advanced techniques. And after the BBQ … a Neil Gresham sandwich!