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Adam Ondra Attempts The World's First 9a+ Flash (c) EpicTV

[VIDEO] Adam Ondra Attempts The World’s First 9a+ Flash

Adam Ondra came to Spain with two things in his mind; The world's first 9a+ flash on Seleccion Anal, and a second encounter with Chris Sharma's 9b Stoking The Fire. Adam has been training hard for the last two years, and he's keen to see if his impressive competition form translates to the outdoors.
Edu Marin In Best Shape Of His Life On "Seleccion Anal" (9a+) (c) EpicTV

[VIDEO] Edu Marin In Best Shape Of His Life On “Seleccion Anal” (9a+)

Edu Marin has climbed in Santa Linya for years, but one of the few routes he has left is Seleccion Anal, a stiff 9a+ that Adam Ondra has been trying to flash this trip.
Adam Ondra on "Stoking the fire" (9b) (c) Chris Sharma

[VIDEO] Adam Ondra on “Stoking the fire” (9b)

Check out this awesome clip put together by Chris Sharma's good friends Jorge Visser and Riccardo Giancola of some of Adam Ondra's attempts on his route "Stoking the Fire" (9b) in Santa Linya. Congrats Adam for sending this epic line!
Ruben Firnenburg arbeitet an "Seleccio Natural" (9a) (c)

[VIDEO] Ruben Firnenburg arbeitet an “Seleccio Natural” (9a)

Santa Linya in Katalonien ist eine ziemlich beeindruckende Destination für Sportkletterer. Nicht nur wegen der steilen und kräftigen Züge in der großen Grotte und der spektakulären Aufnahmen in diesem Film von Henning Wang.
What Does It Take To Be One Of The World's Elite Climbers? (c) EpicTV

[VIDEO] What Does It Take To Be One Of The World’s Elite Climbers?

In episode one of Epic Climber, Chris Sharma invites Sasha Digiulian, Edu Marin and Adam Ondra to his new gym in Barcelona. After a little warm up at the wall, the guys head to Santa Linya for two days of climbing on some of the world's hardest routes.
Petzl athlete Ashima Shiraishi sends 9a/+ at age 13 (c) Petzl Sport

[VIDEO] Petzl athlete Ashima Shiraishi sends 9a/+ at age 13

During her spring break, 13-year-old Ashima Shiraishi flew from her home in New York City to climb in Catalunya's famous Santa Linya Cave. While she was there, she managed to climb harder than perhaps any woman ever before.
Sachi Amma in "Seleccio Natural Left Exit" (9a) (c) Eddie Gianelloni / adidas Outdoor

Sachi Amma startet mit sieben 9a’s und schwerer ins neue Kletterjahr

In etwas mehr als drei Wochen konnte der adidas Outdoor Athlet im spanischen Oliana und Santa Linya drei 9a, drei 9a+ und eine 9b klettern und wird sich wohl seine selbstgesteckten Ziele neu definieren.


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