Herculane Climbing Open 2007 in Rumänien

Hello fellow climbers from everywhere!

If you don’t have anything planned for this spring than you might consider to join us at the 6th edition of “Herculane Climbing Open”. This event is more than a regular contest, it is more like a meeting with a lot of climbing involved.

Where is Herculane?
Herculane is situated in the Cerna Valley in the South-West of Romania, near the Danube and the Yugoslavian border, and is an old Roman Spa with hot springs. The whole Cerna Valley is filled with limestone and offers a huge playground for climbers. There is lots of room for new routes, since only 15 % of the whole Valley is bolted untill now. There is a train-station in Herculane , and all trains stop in Herculane, even international ones. It is 170 km away from Timisoara , where you have an international airport. For further information , if you want to make the tripp sent us an e-mail or give us a call.

Why should I come there?
Well, the whole Cerna Valley is a very beautyfull place with forests, pine trees, two lakes and lots of rocks to climb on. Another good reason are the Romanian climbers who gather here every spring to climb and party. If that isn’t enough for you than you can not turn down the hot springs.And did I tell you about the beautyfull girls in Romania ?

What’s with this contest?
Herculane Climbing Open started in 2002. The first edition was an onsight contest an it was our first :o) but it turned out pretty good as a matter a fact. For the 2003 edition we put up a new set of rules. The contest kept its rules ever since and now the contest is an “after work” competition. Down to the core, we bolt a number of new routes and you guys get 2 days to redpoint them.The range of difficulties will allow all climbers to join the competition. The number of tries will not be accounted. Each route has a number of points that will be divided to the number of climbers that redpoint that route.

The one with the highest number of points after 2 days will be the winner and will get the bigger prizes. Begining with 2006 there are three categories, two male (rookie and open) and one female, age doesn’t count. We will put quickdraws on the routes , everything else, rope,harness,shoes,chalk , belayer ;o) and whatever you might need is your responsibility.There is no isolation so you will not get bored.

With every year the interest for this competition grew, and so the last edition of the contest gathered 99 climbers competeing, and even more watching the event and supporting the competitors.Climbers from the neighbouring contries are already used to this event are always competing. The audience was from all over the country.

When is the event ?
As usual the competition is held in the Herculane Spa area starting from April 28th until the 1st of May 2007. Since the 1st of May is free in Romania (Labour day) we will have prolongued week-end to climb and party!

What if I don’t want to compete?
There are enough routes in the area to keep you busy for the whole week. So don’t worry, just come!There are also caving opportunities in the area , and you can also go trekking on various paths in the Cerna Mountains!

What is Romania like?
Well, people are friendly, and there are generally no social issues or dangers.You might look out for pickpockets if you come by train but usually you don’t have any problem. The prices here are much lower than in other european countries, just to have a clue , you can buy a Beck’s beer in a pub at a price of 0.7-1 Euro. I always look at beer prices in foreign countries to get the general picture :o)

Accomodation …
There are two camping sites in the area.One of them will be our headquarter and like in previous years most of the climbers will gather there (the camping will be open only to climbers ).There is also another one, 4 km up the valley , near a small WaterPark. Prices are lower than 5 euro/ tent. There are also Pensions in HErculane and a lot of Hotels with various prices from 10 to 35 euro/night. You can also camp in other places, free of charge , but not quite everywhere. We will direct you to the best spots in the area . For more information on the Herculane area visit www.roclimbing.net.(There is also a topo for some of the climbing areas on this site)

What is essential?
Everybody HAS TO be in a good mood and have fun climbing with the others.

What was it like?
Photos from the past editions can be seen on our site under [ACTIVITIES]->[HCO]->[the year you want to see]

About us …
We are the Alternative Climbing Club from the city of Timisoara and we represent one of the main organizations that develop the Herculane area. For this event we have the support of the Climbers in Atlanta, Nevada(now) and Canada, who have helped us with this event from its 1st edition untill now, and hopefully will continue to do so also in the future. Thanks guys!

We are waiting for your participation, and as in the last years we will arrange for good weather ;o). See you all in Herculane.

For the latest news about the event we will put up the news page as soon as possible to keep you informed how preparations ar going on! So keep coming back …


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QuelleText: Andrei Simu, Fotos: Herculane Climbing