[VIDEO] Fontainebleau 2014

The best problems of Christian Dierks trips to Fontainebleau in 2014. Highlights are "Rataplat" (7b), "L'Angle Bens" (7a+) and "Le Fil En Aiguille" (6c+). If anybody has information about the unknown Boulder at 5:34 please let him know.

Vimeo Text

La Dalle à Clément 6a (Franchard Sablons)
De Fil en Aiguille 6c+ (6c) (Franchard Cuisinière)
Rataplat 7b (Franchard Isatis)
L’Amoche-Doigt 6b (Franchard Isatis)
Les Bossettes du Lépreux 6a (Éléphant)
Unknown (right start of Sein de Glace, 6c?)
Composition de Forces 6c (Franchard Isatis)
L’Ultrason 6b (6a+) (Buthiers)
L’Angle facial 6b+ (Franchard Isatis)
Cortomaltèse 6c+ (Bas Cuvier)
Dans les Méandres du Sable 7a (Buthiers)
L’Angle bens 7a+ (Franchard Isatis)

“Unspoken” by FOUR TET
“Billy Oh” by TITAN SOUND
from “Trouble & Strife DJ-Mix” by LITTLE PEOPLE
“I want to play” by SHMA
“We can make the world stop-remix”
(all on soundcloud.com)

“Grungy Style Banners”

Chris Dierks

thanks to Torsten Hans for additional footage on L’Angle bens

QuelleChristian Dierks (Vimeo User)