MEGATRON V17 (c) mellow


    A long-standing project in Colorado finally gets done, becoming one of the hardest boulder problems in the world. Featuring: Shawn Raboutou, Daniel Woods, Drew Ruana, Chad Greedy, & Jimmy Webb
    Daniel Woods: 'Return of the Sleepwalker' (9A/v17) (c) mellow

    [VIDEO] Daniel Woods: “Return of the Sleepwalker” (9A/v17)

    Daniel Woods goes straight into battle mode with one of his hardest projects to date. Jimmy Webb established "Sleepwalker" (the stand start) back in January of 2019. The possibility of a sit-start arose in 2021.
    Elijah Kiser on 'Levity' (V14/8B+) FA (c) mellow (YouTube User)

    [VIDEO] Elijah Kiser on “Levity” (V14/8B+) FA

    Elijah Kiser takes down the FA of this wild-looking line in Boone, NC. Video and edit by Daniel Gajda.
    Martin Stranik on 'Warrior' (8C/V15) FA (c) mellow (YouTube User)

    [VIDEO] Martin Stráník on “Warrior” (8C/V15) FA

    Martin Stranik doing a cool FA in Czech Republich. Filmed and edited by Lukas Cerny.
    Shawn Raboutou: Livin' Large (V16/8C+) (c) mellow

    [VIDEO] Shawn Raboutou: Livin’ Large (V16/8C+)

    During the summer of 2019, Shawn Raboutou makes the 3rd ascent of "Livin' Large" (V16/8C+). First sent by Nalle Hukatival more than 10 years ago this climb is located in Rocklands, South Africa. At 8 meters/26 feet tall this arete stands out as one of the hardest highballs in the world.
    Power of Now (8C/V15) First Ascent (c) mellow

    [VIDEO] Power of Now (8C/V15) First Ascent

    Giuliano Cameroni on the FA of Power of Now, a new 8C in Magic Wood, CH
    Jimmy Webb: The Road to 'Dreamcatcher' (9a/5.14d) (c) mellow

    [VIDEO] Jimmy Webb: The road to “Dreamcatcher” (9a/5.14d)

    In the summer of 2018, during a three-month road trip, Jimmy Webb made a spontaneous decision to try "Dreamcatcher", the iconic Chris Sharma route in Squamish, British Columbia.


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