Chris Sharma on 'Super Blood Wolf Moon' (c) Sharma Channel

    [VIDEO] Chris Sharma on “Super Blood Wolf Moon”

    Great day out in cova de ocell. Most days you come up empty handed so it’s important to enjoy the fleeting moments when things come together.
    Chris Sharma on 'Everything is Karate' (5.14c/d) (c) Sharma Channel

    [VIDEO] Chris Sharma on “Everything is Karate” (5.14c/d)

    Chris Sharma and Tommy Caldwell on leaning tower project and Chris makes second ascent of "Everything is Karate". One more time thanks to CASHUS PUHVEL, aka "best drone pilot in Bishop (California)", who film these amazing aerial shots.
    Oliana: Good Times 2017 (c) Sharma Channel

    [VIDEO] Oliana: Good Times 2017

    It's incredible to come back to Oliana year after year and see how this cliff has become an international epicenter for high end sport climbing. It's given me the opportunity to enjoy many special moments with good friends, trying hard routes together and having fun!
    Chris Sharma und Pol Roca in Bishop (c) Sharma Channel

    [VIDEO] Chris Sharma und Pol Roca in Bishop

    So good being back in CA. Our next stop was the amazing boulders of The Buttermilks. From the first time Chris Sharma came here as a little kid this place has had a huge influence on him as a climber and who he is as a person.

    [VIDEO] Chris Sharma… back in business with “Joe Mama” (9a+)

    Mid October 2016 Chris Sharma managed to send "Joe Mama" (9a+) at Oliana, a route that had challenged him a lot last season. It's been quite a year with so many new experiences.
    Chris Sharma training day in San Miguel del Fai (c) Chris Sharma

    [VIDEO] Chris Sharma training day in San Miguel del Fai

    A training session with Chris Sharma and his friends Edu Marin, Gerard Rull and Diego Marsella. Some days you feel stronger than others but the important thing is to enjoy what you do with good friends!
    Chris Sharma in Le Blond Project (c) Chris Sharma

    [VIDEO] Chris Sharma in Le Blond Project

    My buddy Jason Momoa and his family came over for dinner the other night and we were checking out some of the footage we've been shooting this year; in particular this amazing futuristic project called Le Blond located in Peramola Catalunya.
    Chris Sharma "Mallorcan Dreams" (c) Chris Sharma

    [VIDEO] Chris Sharma “Mallorcan Dreams”

    I've been to some amazing places in my life but Mallorca may top the list as my favorite. When you see this video I think it's pretty easy to understand why. This is some footage taken a few years back exploring the amazing potential on the wild west coast around the village of Soller.


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