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    Oliana: Good Times 2017 (c) Sharma Channel

    [VIDEO] Oliana: Good Times 2017

    It's incredible to come back to Oliana year after year and see how this cliff has become an international epicenter for high end sport climbing. It's given me the opportunity to enjoy many special moments with good friends, trying hard routes together and having fun!
    Adam Ondra (c) Heiko Wilhelm

    Arco Rock Legends 2016: The sport climbing Oscars nominees

    On Friday 26 August 2016 the annual sport climbing Oscars return to celebrate the 11th Arco Rock Legends awards during the historic 30th Rock Master climbing competition.
    Dani Andrada und Edu Marín in "Chilam Balam" (9a+/b) (c) BOREAL Outdoor

    [VIDEO] Dani Andrada und Edu Marín in “Chilam Balam” (9a+/b)

    Chilam Balam ist am Sektor Villanueva del Rosario in Spanien, eine 85 Meter lange Route durch ein riesiges Dach. Sie ist bekannt als eine der besten Routen Spaniens im Schwierigkeitsgrad 9a+/b.


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