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Dave MacLeod

    Dave MacLeod on 'Indian Face' E9 (c) Hot Aches Productions

    [VIDEO] Dave MacLeod on “Indian Face” E9

    This tells the tale of Dave MacLeod climbing the worlds most notorious E9 "Indian Face". First put up by Johny Dawes in the 80s it's still recognised as a test piece to any modern climber!
    Dave MacLeod: The 24/8 (c) Kevin Woods

    [VIDEO] Dave MacLeod: The 24/8

    Established by Dave MacLeod on the 19th March 2018, the '24/8' might be one of the hardest all-round climbing challenges around; an 8A boulder, 8a sport route, E8 trad route, VIII,8 winter route and 8 Munros, all in under 24 hours.
    Dave MacLeod in "Practice of the Wild" (8c) (c) Mountain Equipment

    [VIDEO] Dave MacLeod in “Practice of the Wild” (8C)

    Dave MacLeod was first inspired to visit Magic Wood in 2012 after watching footage of Tyler Landman doing the second ascent of Practice of the Wild. At Font 8c it is one the hardest boulder problems in the world and on Dave’s first visit it proved to be just beyond him.
    Dave MacLeod on "The Long Hope" (E11, 7a) (c) Hot Aches Productions

    [VIDEO] Dave MacLeod on “The Long Hope” (E11, 7a)

    St John's head on the Island of Hoy is a wild and remote 1150 foot sea cliff. 40 years after the first ascent, one of the World's top climbers, Dave MacLeod, sets out to climb the cliff in a single day, finishing with a new desperately hard final pitch up the headwall.
    Dave MacLeod in "Project Fear" (8c) an der Westliche Zinne (c) Mountain Equipment

    [VIDEO] Dave MacLeod in “Project Fear” (8c) an der Westliche Zinne

    Im Sommer 2014 wagt Dave MacLeod eine neue Route an der Westlichen Zinne in den Dolomiten. Eine ganze schöne Herausforderung - für jeden, zu jeder Zeit. Auch für Dave war es einer der größten Herausforderungen in seiner Kletterkarriere überhaupt.
    [VIDEO] The Hardest Line

    [VIDEO] The Hardest Line

    In early 2014, Calum Muskett and Dave McLeod set out for Patagonia to repeat David Lama's free Compressor Route on Cerro Torre. With pitches up to 8a and bold, committing climbing high on the mountain, it is probably one of the hardest alpine climbs in the world.


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