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    Dave Graham: 'Primitivo' (8C/v15) (c) mellow

    [VIDEO] Dave Graham: “Primitivo” (8C/v15)

    Dave Graham has been on a tear lately. Dude is 40 years old and having the best bouldering season of his life so far.

    [VIDEO] Daniel Woods And Dave Graham’s Return To Sport Climbing In Norway

    Norway's Hanshelleren cave contains the densest concentration of hard sport climbs in the world. It's not where you would expect to find two of America's strongest boulderers.
    Dave Graham on "The Phoenix" (8B+) (c) Trangoworld

    [VIDEO] Dave Graham on “The Phoenix” (8B+)

    Its June 2014. After working the problem on and off all winter, Trangoworld athlete Dave Graham climbs a new Colorado compression testpiece "The Phoenix" (8B+).
    Adam Ondra gelingt "Jade" (FB 8B+) im Flash (c) The Island

    [VIDEO] Adam Ondra gelingt “Jade” (FB 8B+) im Flash

    Nach dem Boulderweltcup in Vail, den Adam Ondra als Dritter beendete, schien noch ein wenig Kraft übrig geblieben zu sein. Zusammen mit Dave Graham ging es in den Rocky Mountain National Park, um dort eine 8B und eine 8B+ zu flashen.
    "Unreleased Shit" with Jimmy Webb, Daniel Woods and Dave Graham (c) Sean Morgan

    [VIDEO] “Unreleased Shit” with Jimmy Webb, Daniel Woods and Dave Graham

    Over the past year Sean Morgan has been #blessed (in his own words) with the privilege of shooting the worlds best bouldering all over Colorado. Lots of shit has gone down in front of his lens, but for whatever reason, maybe just being lazy, some world class send clips were just allowed to sit dormant on his hard drives, never to be seen by anyone... until now!!
    Petzl RocTrip 2014 Episode 6 in Olympos, Geyikbayiri and Citdibi (c) Petzl

    [VIDEO] Petzl RocTrip 2014 in Olympos, Geyikbayiri and Citdibi

    From October 14 to 19, the 2014 Petzl RocTrip embalmed itself in mythology. By closing out the tour in the ancient region of Olympos, Turkey, it went all out for the grand finale. From deep-water soloing to the chimera's flame, by way of archeological marvels and nights at 150 bpm, RocTrippers played in perfect harmony with the earth, air, water, and fire!


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