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Marc Le Menestrel

    Mysthische Route: Le Bombé Bleu in Buoux (c) EpicTV

    [VIDEO] Mysthische Route: Le Bombé Bleu in Buoux

    Die "Bombé Bleu" ist eine mythische Route, die Marc Le Menestrel in den 1990er Jahren inmitten der nicht minder berühmten Felsen von Buoux eingerichtet hat.
    Chris Sharma 'Futuristic Old School' (c) Chris Sharma

    [VIDEO] Chris Sharma “Futuristic Old School”

    Last year Chris Sharma teamed up with his good friend, mentor and climbing legend Marc Le Menestrel. They bolted a beautiful and savage route in La Cova de l'Ocell called "El Hombre Que No Ama". It's a cool mix of crimpy "old school" climbing mixed with a futuristic vision. Chris likes to call it "Futuristic Old School".
    Nalle Hukkataival sends L'alchimiste (c) Black Diamond Equipment

    [VIDEO] Nalle Hukkataival sends L’alchimiste

    In 1996 Marc Le Menestrel opened one of the hardest routes in the forest of Fontainebleau, known as L'alchimiste. Not long after Marc's ascent, the crux holds were mysteriously broken, and the route was deemed impossible.


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