Daniel Woods

Daniel Woods

Norway's Hanshelleren cave contains the densest concentration of hard sport climbs in the world. It's not where you would expect to find two of America's strongest boulderers.

Daniel Woods Makes Room For A New Boulder Hunter In The Colorado Woods (c) EpicTV

Boulder, Colorado, is a sacred place for rock climbers. Whether you're an artistic 'dirtbag' living paycheck to paycheck, or one of the world's premiere boulderers, the Rocky Mountains provide the necessary ingredients for every climber to experience their passion and challenge their limits.

Daniel Woods in "Pain it black" (V15) (c) Chad Greedy

Out hiking in the woods looking for the mountain lion, when Chad Greedy stumbled upon Daniel Woods making the first ascent of "Paint it black" (V15). Luckily he had his trusty iPhone on him.

The 22nd Hueco Rock Rodeo

The 22nd Hueco Rock Rodeo hosted by the American Alpine Club and presented by Petzl and Five Ten was another great year! Thanks to Mind Frame Cinema for capturing these world class boulderers doing what they do best! Watch, Enjoy, Share!!!

"Unreleased Shit" with Jimmy Webb, Daniel Woods and Dave Graham (c) Sean Morgan

Over the past year Sean Morgan has been #blessed (in his own words) with the privilege of shooting the worlds best bouldering all over Colorado. Lots of shit has gone down in front of his lens, but for whatever reason, maybe just being lazy, some world class send clips were just allowed to sit dormant on his hard drives, never to be seen by anyone... until now!!

[VIDEO] Daniel Woods climbs "Lucid Dreaming" (V15)

In this excerpt from Exposure Vol. II, we'll catch up with Daniel Woods in Bishop as he takes down Paul Robinson's crimp testpiece Lucid Dreaming. Originally graded V16, this problem has some of the hardest moves ever done on rock including a dyno to a "glassy, quarter pad mini-pinch"...

[VIDEO] Exposure Vol. II - Official Trailer

Exposure Vol II follows athletes Daniel Woods, Jimmy Webb, Alex Megos, Alex Puccio, and Dmitry Sharafutdinov as they push both their own personal limits and the limits of climbing. This year's film brings you stories and ascents from around the globe including Russia, Switzerland, Germany, Bishop, and Colorado in a heart-pounding, forearm pump-inducing journey to discover the impossible. Catch Daniel's ascent of Lucid Dreaming 8C/V15, Alex Megos on Action Directe 9A/5.14d, and Alex Puccio on her first V13/8B, Top Notch.

[VIDEO] Daniel Woods - EN ROUTE

Ever wondered what goes through the mind of a professional rock climber as he prepares for an insane competition? Go "En Route" with Sanuk's Daniel Woods (current US National Bouldering Champion) and discover his rare and refreshing insight into what it takes to compete in one of the biggest tournaments the sport of rock climbing has to offer... the 2014 Psicobloc Masters.

[VIDEO] Daniel Woods RAGE Sends a New V15 Highball in Mexico | Viva Peñoles

In the dramatic conclusion to the Viva Peñoles series Daniel Woods climbs the 'omega king line' of the boulder of his dreams/nightmares in the beautiful but foreboding Mexican desert. After Jimmy Webb spots the overhung, highball problem, it claims a casualty when Dave Graham pops his tendon on it.

[VIDEO] This Boulder Is Like Something from Mars. Its Problems Are Even Crazier | Viva Peñoles

As the crew digs deep into the Peñoles landscape to uncover the area's true potential for hard bouldering, one boulder in particular captures the crew's attention. It's a massive monolith that looks like it fell out of the sky and oooh, mama, does it have some hard lines on it. Meanwhile Daniel Woods sends one of the hardest problems of the trip, 'El Lado Activo Del Infinito' (V14 8B+).



Sierra Blair-Coyle (c) Mammut/Thomas Senf

Ab Januar 2018 ist Sierra Blair-Coyle das neueste Mitglied des Mammut Pro Team Climbing, zu dem bereits herausragende Sportler wie Jan Hojer, Jakob Schubert, Anna Stöhr und Juliane Wurm gehören. Sierra ist eine junge und talentierte Athletin, die für eine neue Generation von Gym Climbing und Wettkampfkletterern steht.