[VIDEO] Daniel Woods And Dave Graham’s Return To Sport Climbing In Norway

Norway's Hanshelleren cave contains the densest concentration of hard sport climbs in the world. It's not where you would expect to find two of America's strongest boulderers.
Dave Graham on "The Phoenix" (8B+) (c) Trangoworld

[VIDEO] Dave Graham on „The Phoenix“ (8B+)

Its June 2014. After working the problem on and off all winter, Trangoworld athlete Dave Graham climbs a new Colorado compression testpiece "The Phoenix" (8B+).
Adam Ondra gelingt "Jade" (FB 8B+) im Flash (c) The Island

[VIDEO] Adam Ondra gelingt „Jade“ (FB 8B+) im Flash

Nach dem Boulderweltcup in Vail, den Adam Ondra als Dritter beendete, schien noch ein wenig Kraft übrig geblieben zu sein. Zusammen mit Dave Graham ging es in den Rocky Mountain National Park, um dort eine 8B und eine 8B+ zu flashen.
"Unreleased Shit" with Jimmy Webb, Daniel Woods and Dave Graham (c) Sean Morgan

[VIDEO] „Unreleased Shit“ with Jimmy Webb, Daniel Woods and Dave Graham

Over the past year Sean Morgan has been #blessed (in his own words) with the privilege of shooting the worlds best bouldering all over Colorado. Lots of shit has gone down in front of his lens, but for whatever reason, maybe just being lazy, some world class send clips were just allowed to sit dormant on his hard drives, never to be seen by anyone... until now!!
Petzl RocTrip 2014 Episode 6 in Olympos, Geyikbayiri and Citdibi (c) Petzl

[VIDEO] Petzl RocTrip 2014 in Olympos, Geyikbayiri and Citdibi

From October 14 to 19, the 2014 Petzl RocTrip embalmed itself in mythology. By closing out the tour in the ancient region of Olympos, Turkey, it went all out for the grand finale. From deep-water soloing to the chimera's flame, by way of archeological marvels and nights at 150 bpm, RocTrippers played in perfect harmony with the earth, air, water, and fire!
[VIDEO] Dave Graham in "Bridge of Ashes" (V15)

[VIDEO] Dave Graham in „Bridge of Ashes“ (V15)

Follow the year-long story of Five Ten Elite Athlete Dave Graham as he goes after the first ascent of his latest project, Bridge of Ashes. So it was the Fall of 2011... Video by Bearcam Media and The Island.
[VIDEO] Daniel Woods RAGE Sends a New V15 Highball in Mexico | Viva Peñoles

[VIDEO] Daniel Woods RAGE Sends a New V15 Highball in Mexico | Viva Peñoles,...

In the dramatic conclusion to the Viva Peñoles series Daniel Woods climbs the 'omega king line' of the boulder of his dreams/nightmares in the beautiful but foreboding Mexican desert. After Jimmy Webb spots the overhung, highball problem, it claims a casualty when Dave Graham pops his tendon on it.
[VIDEO] This Boulder Is Like Something from Mars. Its Problems Are Even Crazier | Viva Peñoles

[VIDEO] This Boulder Is Like Something from Mars. Its Problems Are Even Crazier |...

As the crew digs deep into the Peñoles landscape to uncover the area's true potential for hard bouldering, one boulder in particular captures the crew's attention. It's a massive monolith that looks like it fell out of the sky and oooh, mama, does it have some hard lines on it. Meanwhile Daniel Woods sends one of the hardest problems of the trip, 'El Lado Activo Del Infinito' (V14 8B+).
[VIDEO] The Bouldering Dream Team Discovers Amazing New Problems in Mexico | Viva Peñoles

[VIDEO] The Bouldering Dream Team Discovers Amazing New Problems in Mexico | Viva Peñoles,...

In this episode the bouldering dream team continues to deliver by taking down many of the hard, established boulders and putting up some of their own in Peñoles, Mexico. Shawn Raboutou, a kid crusher who tagged along with the crew, gets his first FA and tackles a highball V12 called 'Señor de Cielos'. Daniel Woods continues his tear by flashing a testpiece V12 named 'Palabras', and Paul Robinson puts up a new V12 called the Prince.
[VIDEO] Daniel Woods

[VIDEO] Daniel Woods, Dave Graham, & Jimmy Webb Attempt Their Hardest Ascents Yet |...

In this episode, the team adjusts to the harsh conditions of desert life and tackle their hardest bouldering ascents yet. Dave Graham repeats an overhanging face problem known as Corona Sin Ray v13 (8B), Jimmy figures out some wild moves to send Zugwang, V13 (8B), and Daniel nabs the second ascent of Markame V14 (8B+).
[VIDEO] You Won't Believe How Cool (or How Hard) These Boulder Problems Are | Viva Peñoles

[VIDEO] You Won't Believe How Cool (or How Hard) These Boulder Problems Are |...

A dream-team of Americas strongest boulderers, including Jimmy Webb, Daniel Woods, Dave Graham, Paul Robinson, and Shawn Raboutou, has traveled to the hidden boulder fields of Peñoles, Mexico with the goal of repeating test-pieces and establishing the hardest climbs in the Chihuahua desert. Now settled in, the team explores the landscape and repeats some of the areas classic lines included Hungry Ghost (V11, 8A), Fumanchu (V11, 8A) and Herencia Del Fuego (V12/13, 8A+/B).
[VIDEO] Daniel Woods

[VIDEO] Daniel Woods, Dave Graham, and Co Explore an Amazing New Bouldering Frontier |...

In January 2014, five world-class American boulderers descended into the desert near Peñoles, Mexico, in the state of Chihuahua to explore a new bouldering area with local climber and developer Diego Montull. Episode 1 introduces the cast and gives us a sweet taste of the huge potential of this incredible new area. After Nalle Hukkataival came last year and set some new lines, the boys knew they had to make the trip, knock off some repeats and discover their own problems.
[VIDEO] Dave Graham in "Te Cuelgas Guey" (8B)

[VIDEO] Dave Graham in „Te Cuelgas Guey“ (8B)

Trangoworld athlete Dave Graham kicks off his "Rehab Tour" with a send of the unique Austin Geiman 8B Te Cuelgas Guey in 11 Mile Canyon Colorado.
[VIDEO] Dave Graham's First Ascent of Über Project

[VIDEO] Dave Graham's First Ascent of Über Project, Foundation's Edge 8c

In the second installment of The Island's Forward and Forever Onward series, itinerant bouldering demigod Dave Graham travels to Fionnay, Switzerland to attempt the first ascent of Foundation's Edge (8c, V15).
[VIDEO] Dave Graham - Adventures in Oz

[VIDEO] Dave Graham – Adventures in Oz

Dave Graham: It's no surprise to me that ancient Aboriginals who first inhabited the Grampians, believed the surreal landscapes and animated structures of sandstone were designed by a creator named Bunjil in a "dream-state".
[VIDEO] Jimmy Webb

[VIDEO] Jimmy Webb, Daniel Woods and Dave Graham in „The Wheel Of Wolvo“ (V15)

Jimmy Webb, Daniel Woods and Dave Graham battle it out with the most recently discovered futuristic bouldering project at Lincoln Lake AKA 'Wolverineland', in the Colorado High-Country of Mount Evans Wilderness.
[VIDEO] Exposure Volume 1 - Trailer

[VIDEO] Exposure Volume 1 – Trailer

In this first installment of the Exposure Series, we'll follow professional climbers Dave Graham, Nalle Hukkataival, Matt Wilder, Cheyne Lempe, Mason Earle, Angie Payne, and Cody Roth as they seek out and attempt to climb some of the worlds most challenging boulders, mountains, and traditional routes. Experience the emotional hardships, physical pain, and mental battles as these athletes attempt to redefine their boundaries in the world of rock climbing. Their dedication and commitment to the sport will take them from the windy peaks of Patagonia to the harsh desert of Utah.
[VIDEO] Petzl RocTrip Tarn: Daily report #4

[VIDEO] Petzl RocTrip Tarn: Daily report #4

Shot and edited over two days, featuring Dave Graham, Chris Sharma and Pierre Labre (special guest)...Dave Graham tries "Cirque du Soleil" (8b) onsight, and Chris Sharma sends "Dessèchement planétaire" (8c FA) in the L'Oasif sector, in the Gorges du Tarn, France.
[VIDEO] The Island in South Africa

[VIDEO] The Island in South Africa

The Island in South Africa - Featuring Daniel Woods, Dave Graham, Nalle Hukkataival, Courtney Sanders, Michele Caminati, Chad Greedy and some random critters in Rocklands during July and August 2012. (34 min)
[VIDEO] The Island Trilogy - Trailer

[VIDEO] The Island Trilogy – Trailer

Over the last six months we (Dave Graham & Bearcam Media) have been working feverishly in the High Castle up here in Nederland CO on The Island Volume One. This will be a three part series, filmed by the crew in Europe between June 2009 and June 2010. We created this trailer in the hope of sharing with you the concept behind these films, and to get you all as excited about this project as we are. The Island One is available now on our site!


Rabenstein rüstet sich für die Eiskletter-Wettkampfsaison 2019 (c) Patrick Schwienbacher

Rabenstein rüstet sich für die Eiskletter-Wettkampfsaison 2019

Seit rund zwei Wochen ist der Eisturm Rabenstein für das Publikum geöffnet. Mit großem Erfolg, denn während der Feiertage rund um Weihnachten und Neujahr nutzten sehr viele Eiskletterer aus dem gesamten Alpenraum die Möglichkeit, im hinteren Passeiertal sicher auf Eis klettern zu können.


'Tod an der Alpspitze' von Irmgard Braun (c) Bergverlag Rother

Buchvorstellung: „Tod an der Alpspitze“ von Irmgard Braun

Ihr Leben ist ziemlich perfekt: Seit einem Jahr ist Jana mit Bruno verheiratet. Durch ihn hat sie die Berge kennengelernt, inzwischen klettert sie begeistert. Zwar arbeitet sie weiterhin als Grafikerin, doch sein Erfolg als Geschäftsmann ermöglicht es ihr, häufig ihrer Leidenschaft nachzugehen.


150 Jahre DAV: Erste Infos zum Jubiläumsjahr 2019 (c) Deutscher Alpenverein

Drei große DAV-Themen für 2019: Mountainbike, #climbtotokyo, #unserealpen

Für den DAV steht das Jahr 2019 ganz im Zeichen des seines 150. Geburtstages. Große anstehende Themen gibt es darüber hinaus freilich trotzdem. In den Bereichen Mountainbiken, Wettkampfklettern und Naturschutz hat der DAV bereits im letzten Jahr große Projekte und Kampagnen ins Leben gerufen, die in diesem Jahr fortgesetzt werden.