Pirmin Bertle

Pirmin Bertle

Pirmin Bertle on 'In this light you look like Poseidon' (9a)

"In this light you look like Poseidon" is Bolivias's first 9a, the second one on the Altiplano on almost 4000m, the fourth one in Latin America.

Pirmin Bertle in 'Murcielago' (8B), Argentinien (c) Pirmin Bertle

At the foot of the Altiplano in northern Argentina lies the wide and sandstone covered valley of Brealito at 2500m of altitude. The place is as calm and beautiful as it can be and there are some thousands of boulders to open (and to brush).

Pirmin Bertle on 'Ruta de Cobre' (9a) in Chile (c) Archiv Bertle

People call it the Mal de la Puna, the illness of the Altiplano, that is due to the lack of oxygen on this as vast as beautiful as lifeless plateau on 4000m, that spreads over thousands of kilometres in between Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Peru.

Pirmin Bertle: Sardegna Bouldering (c) Pirmin Bertle

Ever heard of bouldering in Sardegna? No? Neither did Pirmin Bertle! Why? No idea. Perhaps because many boulderers aren't that rapidly over moon because of the beauty of rock and setting as me and look more on the climbing specific features? Perhaps.

Pirmin Bertle on "Meiose" (9b) in Charmey, Switzerland (c) Pirmin Bertle

Pirmin Bertle: "Wow. What else to say? The perfect ending of a perfect climbing year. Life is beautiful! There's only four ways to get it unravelled - Linking the two Chromosome-9a in a last lucky effort, to what it was meant to be: Meiose, La Tribune, Charmey. My first 9b."

Pirmin Bertle On One of Latin Americas Hardest Boulderproblems (c) Pirmin Bertle

Pirmin Bertle wanted to leave El Chalten to visit Puerto Natales for only some days, but then he found this line. Never had he seen rock like this before, never had made moves like this. Never in a spot like this.

Pirmin Bertle in "Drop a line" (8C+) at Cousimbert (c) Pirmin Bertle

A dream Pirmin Bertle didn't even owe to dream came true. 30 to 40 days throughout one winter without a single day regressing. Five days to do only the single moves of this 20+ moves problem in perfect sandstone.

Four days in Targasonne: Seven Boulders up from 8A (c) Pirmin Bertle

Can there be something more beautiful than bouldering in this magnificant scenery, in the first week of springtime, in windy, dry, perfect conditions? Yes, there can. Having all this AND an excellent form.

Pirmin Bertle

Pirmin Bertle gelang es 2012, gleich 2 Sportkletterrouten im 11. Schwierigkeitsgrad zu "toppen" und zwar innert 75 Minuten - ein Weltrekord! Auch seine Boulder- und Routenliste der letzten Jahre füllt der in der Schweiz lebende gebürtige Bayer mit einer unüberschaubaren Anzahl von Erstbegehungen, jedoch auch wiederholten Klassikern in den obersten UIAA-Graden.

[VIDEO] Eight weeks without darkness: Europe's most scenic bouldering (Part 2)

Pirmin Bertles first bouldering trip, that made him sometimes forget about bouldering. Because of the beauty of the Norvegian landscape, the never ending light and the great wilderness. The hiking, the bathing and the hanging out. But only sometimes. Then they hit on some unbelievable piece of rock again, or some unbrushed line they always dreamt of, or they suddenly found themselves in front of the perfect boulder picture. It is hard to imagine a place in Europe where bouldering is so stunning. And where boulders are so damn frequent.



DAV startet Kampagne 'Natürlich klettern' (c) DAV

Wo parken? Wie zu den Felsen kommen? Wann klettern? Es gibt ein paar ganz einfache Regeln, die den Klettersport naturverträglich machen. Diese einfachen Regeln stehen im Zentrum der Kampagne "Natürlich klettern" des Deutschen Alpenvereins.